After arguing with the restaurant owner, he continued to visit and threaten to cut off his wrist, and a man who broke a flower pot was arrested for violating the Stalking Punishment Act.

The Yeongdeungpo Police Station in Seoul announced that they had arrested Kim in his 50s, who visited the owner of a restaurant in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul several times and threatened him with swearing and intimidation by applying the Stalking Punishment Act, intimidation, and property damage.

On the 11th, Mr. Kim was reported to the police for going to a restaurant and breaking a flowerpot.

There was an argument with the restaurant owner in the past, and it is known that the reason was that he did not apologize.

The police, who arrived at the scene, judged that there had been continuous harassment, arrested Kim and applied to the court to ban the restaurant owner from approaching 100 meters as an emergency measure under the Stalking Punishment Act.

But the case did not stop there.

Kim, who was questioned by the police the next day, was reported to have started threatening to go to the restaurant again after the investigation was over and said, "Know how to fly your neck" and "I will cut off your wrist."

He threatened the victim again in violation of the access ban.

In the end, Kim was arrested on charges of violating the Stalking Punishment Act, and the court issued an arrest warrant for Kim yesterday (14th).