"Ultimately, I would like us to be seen as a metaverse company," wished, ten days ago, Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook when announcing the new name of the parent company of the social network : "Meta".

The metaverse?

A virtual world connected to our real world, which would enrich our lives with the possibilities generated by computers and their network.

In work or leisure, our experiences would be even more digitally influenced.

A project worthy of science fiction, but which very seriously mobilizes the digital giants, Facebook, but also Microsoft.

Are you afraid of becoming a simple "avatar", a character in a global video game that you lose control?

Or should we welcome the horizon of the metaverse with confidence?

Do you already use digital tools that feature augmented reality? 

You can testify by filling out the form below.

Your testimonials will be used in writing an article.

Thanks in advance.


Meta, Microsoft, Roblox ... What will the metaverse of the future look like?

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Facebook: "Meta", the new name of Mark Zuckerberg's group, mocked by Internet users

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