“As for whether it is possible to realize just such a find of scientists for a real struggle, it needs, of course, further work and thorough testing using animal models first, and then on sick people,” Altstein explained.

According to him, the task of scientists is "to always make attempts, to look for new approaches to solving such important issues." 

“Such studies are welcome.

It's another matter if such a find is immediately offered to combat covid without special checks, it will not be good, ”the expert added.

In turn, Alexei Agranovsky emphasized that it is necessary to conduct tests and publish the results in a peer-reviewed journal.

“The commentary is the same as for all magic pills: if so, do the trials and publish the results in a peer-reviewed journal.

Then let's talk in detail.

In the meantime, there is simply no reason, "- concluded the interlocutor of RT.

Previously, scientists found that some natural alkaloids, in particular piperine contained in black pepper, block the ability of COVID-19 to infect cells. 

According to Olga Ostroumova, a researcher at the Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg scientists are currently studying substances that can block the fusion of lipid membranes of human cells and coronavirus.

The researchers found that piperine altered the properties of the viral lipid coat.

As a result, the virus does not penetrate into the cells, thus stopping its spread.