The victim's mother called for strict punishment for the assailant, saying that his high school son, who was stopping the fight, was stabbed to death by a man he had no acquaintance with.

According to the legal circle yesterday (7th), the Jeonju District Prosecutor's Office arrested and indicted a 27-year-old man B, who stabbed and killed a 19-year-old group A in a karaoke room on the 29th of last month for murder.

On the 27th of last month, the mother of Army A posted a post on the online community 'Babe Dream' following the National Petition to the Blue House on the 27th of last month.

A's mother said, "The one and only beloved son who doesn't hurt even if he put it in his eye was unfairly killed by a faceless person and became a cold corpse." .

He continued, "It is said that Mr. B hit his son's face on the floor with his fist and kicked him in the face, then left the karaoke room with a smile, saying to his unconscious son, 'If you stop bleeding, you will live.' My son couldn't even get flowers on the cold floor. I smoked it and died cold," he said.

He added, "The perpetrator is a human XXX who appointed a lawyer to live without saying a word of apology to the bereaved family."

Finally, the mother of group A said, "My heart is broken and my heart stops and I can't live." "I need each and every one of you consent so that the maximum punishment can be inflicted on the perpetrator for the sake of the poor son. With the heart of a mother who has lost a child, With a heart of vomit, I earnestly ask you to sign the petition."

Earlier, at around 4:44 am on September 25, high school student A was stabbed to death several times at a karaoke bar in Iseo-myeon, Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do.

On the day of the incident, while drinking with his girlfriend, Mr. B got into an argument while talking about his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, Mr. C.

Angry Mr. B went to the karaoke room where Mr. C was working, carrying a weapon, and group A was found to have suffered a catastrophe while stopping their fight.

Group A, who was stabbed in the abdomen with a knife, was taken to the hospital in cardiac arrest, but eventually died, and Mr. B was arrested as a current offender by the police who responded to the report.

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(Photo=Capture of the Blue House National Petition)