It has been confirmed that the Seoul High Prosecutor's Office's inspection department has started to inspect the prosecutors who investigated the allegation of the homeland family's private equity fund.

Allegations that when the prosecution investigated the allegations of private equity funds related to the former Minister Cho's family, they investigated only those related to former Minister Cho, and did not properly investigate the people involved in Ikseong, an auto parts maker who was identified as behind the private equity fund manager Corinkpe. This is an inspection matter.

The Inspection Department of the Seoul High Prosecutor's Office recently received a complaint from the Inspection Department of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office and is conducting inspections on the prosecutors of the investigation team at the time.

Currently, investigations into 'Ikseong' officials are being carried out after being reassigned to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office for Anti-Corruption 1st Division.

At that time, it is known that the prosecutors of the homeland investigation team are resisting it as a target inspection.

Last year, the investigation team responded to the trial against officials of the homeland family, and at the same time requested the dispatch of additional manpower several times saying that it would be difficult to investigate the remaining allegations, but did not receive an answer, and if the manpower is not dispatched, they requested to be reallocated to another department. that it's unfair.

It is also reported that there are also objections that it is unfair that Seoul High Prosecutor's Office Chief Prosecutor Lee Seong-yoon, who was asked to dispatch manpower and reallocate as the head of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office at the time, was in charge of the inspection.

The Seoul High Prosecutor's Office said, "We can't confirm anything about the inspection case," and "we will handle it in accordance with the principles."