To prevent an increase in the number of confirmed cases, the government has launched a special quarantine check.

In the midst of this, some facilities are coming out that only accept people who have received their own vaccines, but the government said it was justifiable and it is not something to ban.

Next is reporter Kim Deok-hyun.

<Reporter> This

is an academy in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul.

A government special inspection team circulates inside the academy to check the quarantine status.

[Are you sitting around the classroom keeping your distance?


Are you checking in?

When students arrive?] From

today (the 4th) to the day before the entrance exam, a special quarantine inspection has started for the safe examination of test takers.

A week before the entrance exam, all high schools across the country are all shifting to distance learning.

Joint inspections were also conducted on restaurants and cafes, entertainment facilities with quarantine passes, karaoke rooms, and gyms.

The controversy surrounding the quarantine pass has spread to the private sector.

There are posts on the job site and job search site saying that only those who have completed vaccination as part-time students are being hired.

Even at university campuses, only those who have completed the vaccination can participate in some of the autumn festival events, or some facilities have restricted the use to those eligible for the vaccine pass.

Although the government should consider the illegality of employment exclusion, it has drawn a line that it will not block the private quarantine pass.

OK Kim Yu-mi / vaccination proof, sound propulsion team leader. I believe that the director of the facility in the private sector itself applies the quarantine path for secure management, the composition safe environment of the facility see that it is possible -

in earnest after the first, the end of the two weeks of genealogical period Once the crackdown begins, the controversy may escalate.

The operators of indoor sports facilities subject to the quarantine pass have filed a lawsuit against the government to compensate for business losses during the ban period, insisting on withdrawing the quarantine pass policy.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, Kim Min-cheol, Video editing: Park Jin-hoon, VJ: Oh Se-gwan)