A man in his 40s has been arrested by the police after visiting his ex-lover, making a fuss and threatening to set it on fire.

As a result of SBS coverage, the Songpa Police Station in Seoul arrested a 44-year-old man, A, at a pet shop in Seokchon-dong, Seoul at around 11 pm on the 2nd, on charges of violating the Stalking Punishment Act and attempting to set fire to a building in the current state.

Suspect A is charged with going to the house of the victim who broke up a few months ago while intoxicated around 10:20 last night, knocking on the door and screaming to meet him again.

He is also accused of threatening, such as banging his head against a wall when the victim came out of the house.

Then, Mr. A is charged with taking the victim to the front of the nearby pet shop he runs, lighting a lighter and threatening him, and even pretending to spray the gas on his head at the gas station right next door.

Seeing the police officer dispatched to the scene, Mr. A entered his dog shop, locked the door inside, lit a roll of tissue paper on fire and even threw it on the floor.

Just in time, the owner of the store next door came with a hammer and broke the door, so we could go inside, and the fire quickly went out without spreading.

A police official said, "The suspect is currently in detention and is investigating the specifics." 

(Photo = Yonhap News)