A miracle has happened, all energy problems are solved! This is achieved by a device called Voltdingens, which is simply plugged into a socket. It saves up to 90 percent of the power consumption, it says in the advertisement, confirmed by "real" experience reports. How does it do that? After all sorts of rumors about the hunger for energy as such and the future bottlenecks, the explanation finally comes: It's the sine curves. Their lines appear a bit frayed, Voltdingens smooths them out. Or, to put it in a generally understandable way: It is a pioneering current stabilization technology with reactive power compensation, inspired by Nicola Tesla. Aha. Although it can only work on this one of the three phases that ends at the socket.

This reminds us of that magnetic magic that, when clamped in the gasoline line, aligns the fuel molecules so that a car hardly consumes anything. That was the horror of the oil multinationals, it was said at the time, now it is the electricity suppliers who hate Voltdingens and fight with all possible means. That's why you have to strike immediately, as long as it is still available, and at the same time get a 50 percent discount, for around 60 euros the small box is almost free. Of course, success should only be achieved after a few weeks, just when the money-back guarantee expires. Now there are only up to 90 percent savings, the emphasis is on “up to”. So zero to 90, which is completely true. But since it is closer to zero than 90, we suspect that the board members of the electricity companies can still sleep well.There is still a miracle around Voltdingens - it is very surprising that there are apparently still people who fall for such a humbug.