The cat's body was found in Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, and it is shocking.

According to KARA, an animal rights group on the 26th, a severely damaged yellow cat body was found near a redevelopment area in Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul.

Kara's representative explained, "The spine and organs from just below the chin to the lower abdomen were all cut off as if they were being cut off.

The cut surface of the cat's carcass was cut as if using a sharp tool, and there were no traces of blood or missing fur around it, suggesting that it may have been the work of a human rather than a wild animal.

The group explained, "What is more questionable is that when the witness returned to the scene after reporting the incident to the police, the body was not gone." .

He continued, "According to the report, a lot of cats have disappeared in this area since a month ago, even though the stray cats had not moved. They were seen lining up, and recently they were caught taking pictures of a person they met for the first time while walking around a cat cafeteria in the area.”

The group also added, "The first informant of this case, on the same day that the yellow cat body was discovered, additionally inspected the area in case of concern.

Currently, the case has been reported to the Seodaemun Police Station in Seoul, and KARA has filed a formal complaint.

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(Photo=Instagram 'animal_kara', Yonhap News TV capture)