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A current military intelligence command colonel is suing the operator of the Facebook page 'I'll deliver on behalf of the Army Training Center (hereinafter referred to as Army War)', which is known as the counter for accusing military absurdity by accusing the military unit of inappropriate meals.

According to the police yesterday (27th), the Gangdong Police Station in Seoul is investigating a case in which Colonel A of the Armed Forces Intelligence Command filed a complaint against Mr.

It is known that B appeared at the police on the 26th and received the first investigation.

▲ 'I will deliver on behalf of the Army Training Center' Facebook

On August 3rd, on the 'Six Wars' page, Mr. A said, "The intelligence agency subordinate unit called a business trip buffet and about 200 people including the unit officials gathered for a dinner." It is known that he submitted a complaint for defamation over the fact that he had posted the information that said that among the new employees of the NIS, there was also a daughter of the deputy commander.

Mr. A is known as the commander of the unit.

When the post was published and there was a controversy over whether the information agency had violated the quarantine guidelines, the information agency said, "At the time of the event, the first stage of social distancing was applied in the area." It is not true that the daughter of

Apart from this explanation, it is reported that Mr. A is claiming that the Army Wars side has damaged his honor by sharing malicious information.

In response, the Army Wars side said, "If you look at the information posted, there is no part where A's identity can be identified."

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