The police have launched a related investigation, including a case of late payment of wages at a salt farm in Sinan, Jeollanam-do, including the case of a business owner.

Police believe that if this case is confirmed as a recurrence of the 'salt farm slave incident' in 2014, it may have a social impact, and the main office and the local area are approaching it from various angles.

According to the police today (28th), the National Police Agency recently booked a 48-year-old Jang Mo (48), who runs a salt farm in Shinan, on charges of fraud.

Mr. Jang is accused of unfairly using Mr. Park's credit card, etc. without paying proper wages to Mr. Park (53), who worked at his salt farm.

The police are also looking into whether Jang has properly registered his business.

Park signed a monthly contract with Jang on a monthly basis, but in reality, he did not receive a proper monthly wage, and it is said that he was monitored for every move in terms of life.

Mr. Park recently managed to escape after being exploited for a long time.

The Jeonnam Police Agency is investigating allegations of privacy and assault.

Earlier, in February 2014, it became a social problem when it was revealed that they had kidnapped and imprisoned people with intellectual disabilities and forced them to work in groups at a salt farm in Sinuido, Shinan.

At that time, the victim took advantage of the softening of the perpetrator's surveillance, and reported it to the Seoul police, not the local, through her mother.

The situation at the time was revealed to the world as the police disguised themselves as salt merchants and infiltrated the island to rescue the victims.

Since then, a full investigation was conducted on salt farm workers, including the investigation of the illegal employment of the disabled, but a similar incident recurred this time and the investigation agency was also in crisis.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Research Institute for the Disabled, a human rights organization for the disabled, will hold a press conference in front of the Seodaemun-gu Police Department today and call for a strict investigation.

According to them, it is known that about 10 people, including unrelated people and the disabled, are still being exploited at the salt farm in Shinan.