Today (28th), the number of new corona cases is expected to record 2,000 in 20 days. It has grown in size as tensions between quarantines eased and seasonal factors overlapped ahead of next week's phased transition to daily recovery.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon reports.

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9 pm last night, the number of new confirmed cases was 1,928.

If you add up the number of confirmed cases by midnight, the number of new cases to be announced today is likely to exceed 2,000.

If this happens, the increase will continue for five days in a row and the number of weekly confirmed cases is expected to return to an increasing trend for the first time in four weeks, recording the 2,000 level again for the first time in 20 days since the 8th.

The quarantine authorities cited the easing of quarantine measures as the reason.

From the 18th, the number of people using the multi-use facility increased to 8 in Stage 4 and 10 in Stage 3, and it is analyzed that the increase in the amount of movement in anticipation of a gradual recovery of daily life may have had an impact.

[Sohn Young-rae/Chairman of Social Strategy Team at Central Accident Resolving Headquarters:

Infection reproduction, which indicates how many people each confirmed person infects The index is expected to cross 1 again early next week.

As breakthrough infections accounted for 30.2% of confirmed cases in the past two weeks, the government today announced a plan to expand additional vaccinations, including those who received a high rate of breakthrough infection from Janssen vaccines.

The government also started a special quarantine inspection in Itaewon and other places from yesterday ahead of Halloween this weekend.