During the announcement of Facebook's quarterly figures on Monday evening, Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg reflected on the negative news that has been coming out about the company lately.

That happened on the basis of thousands of internal Facebook documents, which were released by a whistleblower.

"Building criticism helps us get better," Zuckerberg told investors Monday night.

"But I think this is a coordinated move that selectively picks out leaked documents to create a false representation of Facebook."

According to Zuckerberg, his company is constantly balancing on a thin rope.

"We need to preserve freedom of expression but also erase harmful content. And we need to build in strong security that protects the privacy of users, but at the same time we also have to cooperate with authorities."

The Facebook founder dismisses it as easy to say that these kinds of "impossible trade-offs" are not solved because the company only wants to make a profit.

"The reality is that these issues are not just about our business, but about balancing complex social values. I have regularly asked for regulation to clarify this, because I don't think companies should figure this all out on their own."

On Monday before the announcement of Facebook's quarterly results, 17 American news sites released stories about Facebook.

Those were based on thousands of internal documents released by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen.

She claims that making profit is more important to Facebook than the well-being of users.

The documents revealed, among other things, that Facebook knew that its services were negatively impacting the mental health of some users.

Also, division among people was actually encouraged to make users return.

According to reports, Facebook has taken steps to improve the problems, but not enough to completely solve them.

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