In a worldwide action against traders of illegal products on the dark web, 150 suspects have been arrested, including four Dutchmen.

This is confirmed by the European police organization Europol after an investigation by



Most of those arrested are suspected of selling illegal goods on the dark web, the protected part of the internet.

More than 26.7 million euros in cash and cryptocurrencies were seized during the Europol operation.

234 kilograms of drugs and 45 firearms were also found.

Europol and Eurojust coordinated the operation.

They tracked down the suspects after DarkMarket was rolled up earlier this year.

At the time, it was the largest illegal online marketplace on the dark web.

On the basis of information from that operation, the police were able to track down new suspects.

Most arrested suspects are classified as top sellers.

They are said to have sold tens of thousands of goods in Europe and the United States.

The majority come from the United States (65).

Furthermore, 47 from Germany, 24 from the United Kingdom, 4 from the Netherlands, 3 from France, 2 from Switzerland and 1 from Bulgaria.