Prosecutors called the daughter of former special prosecutor Park Young-soo, who received an apartment for sale after working for Hwacheon Daeyu, to investigate. Another request for an arrest warrant for Kim Man-bae, whose arrest warrant has been dismissed, will be requested again soon, and a request for an arrest warrant against lawyer Nam Wook is also being considered.

Reporter Jeong Yun-sik on the sidewalk.

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Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office's investigation team summoned and investigated the daughter of former Special Prosecutor Park Young-soo's daughter, Park, on the 25th.

Park worked at Hwacheon Daeyu from June 2015 until recently, and in the process of retiring, he received an apartment in Daejang-dong, which sparked a controversy over preferential treatment.

Prosecutors are known to have investigated whether the apartment complex in Daejang-dong, which Park received, had a bribery personality.

Lawyer Jeong Min-yong, who was in charge of the working-level team of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation when Hwacheon Daeyu was selected as the Daejang-dong operator, was also investigated.

Attorney Jeong, Jae-myung Lee, is a person in charge who reported directly to Seongnam Mayor at the time of the public offering guidelines that confirmed the profits of the construction.

Lawyer Jeong denied the allegations that he had never reported directly to reporters, but it is said that the prosecution is confirming the credibility of the statement.

The prosecution, which further investigated Attorney Nam-wook yesterday, is known to file an arrest warrant for Kim Man-bae and lawyer Nam within this week.

As the prosecution judged that the promise to provide 70 billion won in profit while handing over the former general manager Yoo Dong-gyu to trial, the promise to pay bribes and the 5 billion won received by the son of Kwak Sang-do were awarded to Kim Man-bae's arrest warrant. It is known that he will emphasize the allegations.

In addition, it is known that lawyer Nam is also considering an arrest warrant as an accomplice who promised to give money with Kim.