OnePlus entered the smartwatch business last spring with the OnePlus Watch, competing directly with the market-dominating Apple Watch.

After several special editions, such as

CyberPunk 2077

and Cobalt, the brand now offers a model that should appeal to fans of the

Harry Potter



Aside from the world-inspired design created by JK Rowling, the functionality of the watch remains exactly the same as the classic OnePlus Watch.

No technical update has been carried out for this model.

A badge for each house

On the vegan leather strap, we find the Hogwarts crest.

There are six different dials, four of which can be chosen based on your house (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff).

The object is sold in a box representing the brick wall leading to Pier 9 3/4.

There are also some special animations, especially during loading times or when starting the watch.

For now, this watch will only be marketed in India and its price is 16,999 rupees, or about 200 euros.

However, fans of the first hour may be surprised by this choice on the part of OnePlus, when we know that JK Rowling has always kept his world away from technology and that she lends wizards a rather condescending attitude towards -to this one.

As she puts it: “When you can summon any book, instrument or animal with a flick of your wand and the word * Accio! *;

when you can communicate with friends and acquaintances by means of an owl (…);

When your newspaper contains moving pictures and everyday objects sometimes speak to you, the internet doesn't seem like a particularly exciting place.



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