Pham Nhat Vuong is the richest man in Vietnam.

What he touches becomes money.

Now he wants to succeed with the VinFast car brand, for which he has built a factory with an annual capacity of 250,000 units in less than two years for 3.5 billion dollars, as it were from the jungle.

Voung already has experience in the car business with the licensing of BMW models, but unlike this fleet for the home market, the export models will no longer be with internal combustion engines.

VinFast is also riding the wave of electrification and wants to establish itself as a pure electric brand. The vehicles for this are developed together with German suppliers such as Bosch or ZF, equipped with Asian batteries and dressed by Italians. Pininfarina in Turin is responsible for the design. The final drafts of the e35 and e36, which have roughly the format of the BMW X3 and BMW X5, will not be ready until the premiere at the Los Angeles auto show in November and the CES 2021 in Las Vegas. The network for direct sales is still being planned, the makers are silent on performance and range, and the only indication of the prices is the intention to compete “definitely in the premium segment”, i.e. the prices should be at least 50,000 Euros and above.But at least there are already a handful of animations and a few flowery announcements that were recently announced in Turin, from which the image of two fairly classic SUVs can be drawn, with a patriotic V as an LED signature in the radiator and a striking window graphic on the Flank appear independently, but they do not stand out from the lush field of competitors either inside or outside. VinFast has evidently lost its courage a bit.VinFast has evidently lost its courage a bit.VinFast has evidently lost its courage a bit.

Vuong has done pretty much everything he has set out to do so far.

But the self-made billionaire has also learned that he needs the right partners for such adventures, and for the jump abroad he has found a car boss who is very familiar with North America and Europe.

VinFast's business has recently been led by none other than the former American CFO of the VW Group and previous managing director of Opel, Michael Lohscheller.