The storage space in your e-mail box once seemed infinite, but that space can quickly fill up, especially if you receive a lot of messages with attachments.

Clean up your Gmail inbox quickly and easily with these tips.

Free Gmail users get 15 GB of storage.

That seems more than enough, because text messages don't take up much space, but before you know it, it fills up anyway.

A good first step is to delete all old emails.

If messages have been sitting unused in your inbox for a few years, what are the chances that you really need them?

Open Gmail in a web browser to easily select many messages.

To find all old mails, we use the search bar at the top of the screen.

Type in 'before:01-01-2016' to conjure up all emails from before that date, or choose a different time period yourself.

By the way, you don't just search in your inbox, but in all emails.

Drafts, sent e-mails or messages with a different label also appear in this way.

Select all

It can be an endless task to select all those emails one by one, but luckily there is a trick for that.

Clicking the empty square above the search results will bring up a check mark and select all emails on the screen (usually fifty).

The text 'All 50 conversations on this page have been selected' appears at the top, along with the option to select all conversations that match the search.

Click this to place the entire bulk in your selection, and then click the trash can to delete everything in one fell swoop.


You may find clearing your entire history a bit too rigorous.

You can also only delete emails from certain senders that you no longer need, such as an ex-partner or an old employer.

Click the three lines next to Gmail's search bar to open the advanced search settings.

Here you can enter all kinds of filters, such as the sender or emails with certain words in the subject.

Enter the contact from whom you want to delete messages and all correspondence with that person will appear in the results.

With the trick above you can select and delete all messages again.


If you just want to clean up because you're hitting your 15 GB storage limit, it might be worth deleting only emails with large files.

You can also find these with the advanced search options mentioned earlier.

Under 'Size' you choose the e-mails that are larger than a certain amount of MB.

For example, 10 MB is a good first step.

You can now further refine this search with the buttons that appear above the search result.

This way you can only show the large messages from older than a year, so that you don't accidentally throw away files that you might still need.

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