How do you sum up the past few days when not much has happened?

Let's take a look into the future.

It is uncertain, but we assume that negotiations will not only take place about the important things such as the future of the country, but also about the very important ones, such as the distribution of the posts.

It's about who will drive the tired Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the future: Christian Lindner will probably be finance minister, Robert Habeck will get his super-environment-climate department, something will be invented for Saskia Esken.

Andreas Scheuer's chances of staying in office are rather slim, so we are driven by the question: Who will be Minister of Transport?

Lukas Weber

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” section.

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Back to the factual questions.

The energy costs and thus the prices for this and the sRoller

Shoot in the sky, even the beer gets more expensive.

A television commentator said in a fit of arrogance that it was a good thing, that people should be moderate - he was talking about energy.

That is easy to say if you are sitting on a heavy salary from compulsory fees, but not entirely wrong at the core, because that is the politically desired goal of CO2 pricing.

Who finds the error?

The electricity would have to be cheaper to compensate, but it doesn't do us a favor.

* * *

The problem with this is that there is not enough green electricity.

There is a lot of talk about this, but there is no solution in sight.

No wonder that many are calling for the resurrection of nuclear power.

It is CO2-neutral, but it has its own shortcomings with it: Unsolved disposal;

new systems are expensive and take a long time to build;

in the event of the smallest accident, the mood will change again.

The train left long ago for Germany.

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