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With the new course, premieres, successes and surprises follow one another on




From the

Cinderella movie

to the third season of


, without forgetting (perhaps?)

The Squid Game


But in the meantime, several series and movies are about to leave Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime, so if they were on the wish list, it is time to finally see them before saying goodbye.

Spiderman: Far From Home (Netflix, 10/24/21)

Peter Parker, Spiderman, wants to go on vacation.

The events of

Avengers: Endgame

still traumatize him, and to disconnect nothing better than trying to woo his classmate MJ on the end-of-term trip.

But things never go as planned when characters like Mysterio (




enter the scene

, a supposed multiversal hero who will bring Spidey, Nick Fury (

Samuel L. Jackson

) and Happy Hogan (

Jon Favreau

) among others.

And more or less convince these European adventures of the Trepamuros (or Night Monkey), it is necessary to stay until that post-credit scene that has overflowed the internet with theories.

The Score, a masterstroke (Amazon Prime Video, 10/25/21)

"What he wants is for me to be a puppet to put his hand up my ass and make me do whatever he wants." In this way

Marlon Brando


to director

Frank Oz

in what would be the last film in which the interpreter participated. He made reference to Oz's past as a puppeteer with

Jim Henson

, giving life to

Miss Piggy

(that's what Brando called him on the set) or the

Cookie Monster

. The protagonist of

The Last Tango in Paris

went so far as to not wear pants in one scene to force the director to film him from the waist up.

Robert de Niro

, co-star of the film with

Edward Norton

, had to intervene: it was he who finally gave the instructions in the parts in which Brando appeared.

All in all, just to see these giants of acting sharing a shot is worth hitting


and watching this entertaining heist movie.

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Origin (HBO, 10/29/21)

It has been more than a decade since the premiere of


, probably

Christopher Nolan's

most rounded film

(with permission from

The Dark Knight

) and it still continues to be talked about. Mounting, special effects and, above all, its plot, have a hypnotic effect: everything that happens is explaining gradually shaping a




, never better. Its cast deserves a special mention, a true gathering of stars:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Berenger


Michael Caine

are some of the actors who leave their mark on the film. The subscription to HBO Spain is available here.

My brother is an only child (Amazon Prime Video, 10/30/21)

Accio and Manrico Benassi (

Elio Germano


Riccardo Scamarcio

) are two brothers who separate their vital paths in Italy in the 1960s. Politics defines the future of one and the other: Accio wants to be a priest and ends up in a neo-fascist party, while Manrico is clearly progressive.

Based on the novel

Il Fasciocomunista


Antonio Pennacchi

, it is effectively directed by

Daniele Luchetti


The production had a great success in his country, although it went quite unnoticed in Spain, so there is an excellent opportunity to enjoy it.

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Once upon a time ... the human body (Netflix, 10/31/21)


Life is like that, it is joy and it is pain, a flower that opens in the center of your heart. Life is like that, life ...

". The lustrums pass and this cartoon series created by

Albert Barillé

continues to transfer to childhood all those who saw it on Spanish Television, where it premiered on October 3, 1987 and was constantly renewed in the following years. Co-produced by several countries, it explained different aspects of the human body in a didactic and entertaining way. There are 26 episodes of 20 minutes that have stood the test of time surprisingly well thanks to the charisma of

Pedro, Flor, Tiñoso



, within which the adventures of The teacher, Interferons, Red blood cells, B and T lymphocytes or Platelets are developed.

The Scorpion King (HBO, 11/1/21)

Now that

Dwayne Johnson


The Rock

, is a superstar capable of holding blockbuster after blockbuster on his beefy shoulders, it's a good time to bring back this 2002 film, a prequel


Stephen Sommers'


The Mummy



Johnson, unknown before appearing in the franchise for anyone who was not a follower of American wrestling, managed to win over the respectable on the basis of muscle and charisma. Universal's gamble was risky, but it hit the mark by handing over the baton to artisan

Chuck Russell

, director of A

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors


The Mask


Mind you, the special effects have aged regularly.

The subscription to HBO Spain is available here.

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