Another former Facebook employee has filed a complaint with the US government,

The Washington Post


on Friday, based on a report by the US stock watchdog SEC.

This is now the third former Facebook employee in a short time to open up about the company.

The ex-employee claims that Facebook misled its investors about "dangerous and criminal behavior on its platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger".

In the complaint to the SEC, the former employee describes a conversation with one of Facebook's communications managers.

Following revelations about Russia's use of the platform to meddle in the 2016 US presidential election, the manager said he was not concerned.

Russia's interference would be "one-off" and Facebook "would not suffer financially".

Like Frances Haugen, the latest whistleblower is a former member of Facebook's integrity team, whose duties include combating misinformation on the platform.

The whistleblower backs Haugen's claim that Facebook has "routinely undermined efforts to fight misinformation, hate speech and other problematic content."

According to the former employee, this happened out of fear of the reaction of then-US President Donald Trump and his political allies.

Facebook has been under fire in recent weeks for Haugen's revelations.

In her time at the company, she would also have seen time and again that Facebook considers making profits more important than public safety.

She announced in early October that she would come up with more revelations about her former employer.

Data scientist Sophie Zhang also sounded the alarm in mid-October via a memo, which is in the hands of


She also says that Facebook does not act sufficiently against fake news.

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