NASA is delaying the launch of its unmanned Space Launch System (SLS) rocket until February next year, the space agency writes Friday.

The launch was supposed to take place next month, but cannot take place due to, among other things, Hurricane Ida and the consequences of the corona pandemic.

On Thursday, NASA managed to secure the Orion capsule on top of the rocket.

The SLS rocket is located at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

"Thanks to the team's hard work, we have entered the final phase of preparations for the first launch," NASA Director Bill Nelson said in the statement.

The space agency wants to send the rocket into space between February 12 and February 27.

If that is not feasible, the next opportunity will be a month later, between March 12 and March 27.

In flight, the unmanned Orion capsule is launched atop the SLS rocket to reach the moon and travel thousands of miles.

The mission is expected to last a few weeks.

After that, Orion must land in the Pacific Ocean.

If the so-called Artemis I mission is a success, NASA wants to perform the same flight in 2023, but with a crew on board the capsule.

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