Today's (23rd) news will start with the unfortunate accident.

A large amount of carbon dioxide for firefighting was leaked from the construction site of the basement floor of a building in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul.

Two people have died and 19 others are receiving treatment as carbon dioxide spreads through the enclosure.

First of all, this is reporter Jeong Ban-seok.


It is a building with 10 stories above ground and 5 stories below ground in Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul.

The building, completed in June for data storage, is undergoing electrical work on the basement floor.

However, at around 8:50 am today, an accident occurred where carbon dioxide for firefighting was leaked from the 3rd basement floor.

According to what the fire department found out, more than 10,000 liters of carbon dioxide gas for fire suppression in the fire extinguishing agent room on the 3rd basement level leaked through the pipe.

The carbon dioxide gas that spreads into the enclosed space is known to suffocate people working on the third basement floor.

[Kim Geum-sook / Seoul Guro Fire Station Fire Administrative Division Manager: Because it is an enclosed space.

When exposed (to carbon dioxide gas), the central nervous system is paralyzed, and prolonged exposure can lead to death.] In

this accident, four workers were found to have suffocated and were in cardiac arrest, and two of them died.

The two were taken to the hospital and fortunately recovered breathing and pulse.

17 other workers also complained of symptoms such as shortness of breath and are being treated at the hospital.

[Accident site worker: The fire alarm sounded 'beep beep', but it suddenly went off later, and the workers were trying to work.]

At the time of the accident, the alarm sounded for 30 seconds, but one worker who was working on the on-site ceiling was working under it. Another worker who was helping with the evacuation was not able to evacuate immediately and suffered a bowel movement.

At around 9:10 am, the fire department in charge issued the first stage of response that mobilizes all available manpower to fix the scene and investigate the cause of the accident.

(Video coverage: In Pil-seong, Video editing: Jeon Min-gyu, CG: Seo Seung-hyun, Park Dong-soo)

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