▲ This morning, a view of the vaccination center at the Gwanak-gu Min Sports Center in Seoul.

As of 2 pm on the 23rd, the completion rate of domestic COVID-19 vaccine has exceeded the 70% standard for gradual daily recovery and with Corona conversion.

According to the Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Team, as of 2pm today, 35,945,342 people have completed the vaccination according to the recommended number of vaccines.

This corresponds to 70% of the total population.

The government has suggested that 70% of the population be vaccinated as a prerequisite for the transition to the quarantine system with 'with Corona', a step-by-step recovery of daily life next month.

Today, when the vaccination completion rate was 70%, is the 240th day since the first COVID-19 vaccination in Korea started on February 26th, and the 218th day after March 20th, when the second vaccination was started.

(Photo = Yonhap News)