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I checked the indictment of Yoo Dong-gyu, who was handed over to the trial regarding the Daejang-dong allegation, it was found that Yoo had been promoting an inappropriate transaction with Hwacheon Daeyu before selecting the Daejang-dong operator. Instead of doing business at will, they demanded billions of dollars in return.

Correspondent Hong Young-jae.


According to the indictment of former general manager Yoo Dong-gyu confirmed by SBS, former general manager Yoo first met with lawyer Nam Wook in 2012 through the introduction of Choi Yoon-gil, chairman of the Seongnam City Council.

At this time, he proposes to Attorney Nam, "If you help establish Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, I will help you select a Daejang-dong development company."

From 2013 onwards, they start asking for money.

He said that he asked lawyer Nam, "Give me 300 million won within two weeks," saying, "You can do whatever you want in the Daejang-dong development project division plan."

Prosecutors believe that Nam decided to deliver the money together with his business partner, Accountant Jeong Young-hak, and handed over 325 million won to Yoo on several occasions.

In fact, after that, director Yoo Jeon took office as the head of the planning division of the newly established Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, and Mr.

From this point on, the full-fledged work to select Hwacheon Daeyu as the operator is underway.

According to the indictment, former general manager Yoo hired lawyer Nam and lawyer Jeong Min-yong recommended by accountant Jeong to the corporation, and selected Hwacheon Daeyu as a business operator and concluded a business agreement with favorable contents.

Director Yoo, who gave this all-out help, has been demanding his share since October of last year.

He asked Man-bae Kim to "pay the price for his help," and he promised to receive 70 billion won, and to receive this money, he established a company called Yuwon Holdings.

In this way, the view of the prosecution is that former general manager Yoo Dong-gyu and Hwacheon Daeyu have maintained a relationship by exchanging money for several years before the Daejang-dong project started in earnest, and that 70 billion won was the price of tangible preferential treatment.

(Video editing: Hwang Ji-young, CG: Park Dong-soo)

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