The REvil group from Russia, known for the REvil ransomware, has itself had to deal with a major hack this week.

The FBI, the US Secret Service and the Cyber ​​Command of the Department of Defense have taken the Group offline.

Sources confirm this to



agency on



According to the same sources, the Americans received help from foreign governments when hacking Revil.

It was not disclosed which countries were involved in the operation.

The REvil group is blamed for numerous large-scale ransomware attacks, including a cyber attack on JBS, the world's largest meat processor, and an attack that shut down the United States' largest oil pipeline company.

In addition, the group was behind a hack at Kaseya, a company that supplies software packages to companies around the world.

These software packages allow companies to remotely manage customer computer systems.

The hackers entered through a software vulnerability and were able to hijack systems of hundreds of companies.

The attack on REvil had been planned for a long time.

In preparation for this, the FBI kept a secret for at least three weeks earlier this year with which affected companies could have decrypted their computer systems held hostage after the large-scale ransomware attack on software company Kaseya.

If the key had been shared directly with affected companies, REvil would have learned that the FBI had broken into the group's servers.

This could have jeopardized the operation.

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