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A man in his 60s was arrested by the police after threatening with a saw that he had been insulted while arguing with a taxi driver over a fare issue.

Today (22nd), the Seoul Geumcheon Police Station announced that they are investigating Mr. A on charges of special intimidation.

A is suspected of threatening a taxi driver with a saw in front of a store in Doksan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul around 11:47 am the previous day.

The two got into an argument over taxi fares, and after Mr. A said that he would bring the insufficient money, he took a saw from the residence and threatened the taxi driver.

The police, who arrived at the scene of the incident after a passerby reported it, checked the surrounding CCTV and, after conducting an interrogation, arrested Mr. A.

According to the police investigation, Mr. A stated that he committed the crime by insulting him by calling him a 'sheep' and a 'scammer' while arguing with a taxi driver over the fare, and it was reported that he admitted most of the charges.

Fortunately, the taxi driver was not injured.

A police official said, "Currently, we are grasping the exact relationship between Mr. A and the taxi driver."

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