The resistance of the iPhone 13 Pro was short-lived.

The hackers of the Chinese team of Kunlun Lab managed to hack the latest Apple in fifteen seconds, reports 



The feat was accomplished during the Tianfu Cup, an international hacking competition held in China.

The device was running the latest version of the iOS 15.0.2 operating system.

To achieve their ends, the hackers first exploited a flaw in the Safari Internet browser.

This made it possible to execute code remotely without resistance from the browser.

iPhone 13 Pro Hacked: Chinese Hackers Suddenly Break iOS 15.0.2 Security

- Forbes (@Forbes) October 18, 2021

$ 1.5 million for hackers

The feat was achieved live on the Tianfu Cup stage.

In fifteen seconds, the iPhone 13 Pro found itself at the mercy of the Kunlun Lab team.

Despite the disconcerting ease with which the Chinese pirates acted, they had still been preparing for months, says



Another team made talk about her: Pangu.

Accustomed to the exercise of jailbreaking, hackers have also succeeded in unlocking an iPhone 13 running iOS 15.0.2.

This allowed Pangu to pocket a $ 300,000 reward.

For its part, Kunlun Lab received $ 120,000.

In total, $ 1.5 million was distributed during the Tianfu Cup.

The hackers had the choice of targets: Chrome, Adobe Reader, Ubuntu, CentOS or Windows 10. Informed of the wings that affect its latest iPhone, Apple will surely integrate corrections in the future update of iOS.


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