Zoé Pallier, edited by Manon Fossat 11:08 am, October 21, 2021

An administrative procedure was launched against the Allonnes mosque, suspected of radical Islam, eight days ago by the prefecture of Sarthe.

According to a document from the French intelligence services to which Europe 1 had access, certain unambiguous remarks made by imams indeed precipitated its closure.

Eight days ago, the prefecture of Sarthe announced the closure of the Allonnes mosque, near Le Mans.

An establishment in which imams would have legitimized armed jihad and terrorism in front of hundreds of faithful.

According to a document from the French intelligence services and to which Europe 1 had access, certain remarks were indeed made without ambiguity during the sermons. 


Closure of a mosque in the Sarthe: what you need to know

The existence of a Koranic school

"It is imperative to prepare for combat", "to humiliate the disbelievers" ... According to the report, these words resonated in the Allonnes mosque a few days after the death of Samuel Paty.

He specifies in fact that leaders and imams welcomed the assassination of the professor and made his murderer a martyr.

A reaction that is not surprising, if we are to believe the comments made within its walls, according to the intelligence services.

With in particular hate speech towards Westerners.

"Jews and moderate Muslims are animals. They will go to hell," the document attributed to one of the imams.

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Their sermons are also based on books made available to the faithful and some passages of which legitimize armed jihad, the report further advances.

According to him, the other reason for closure is the existence of a Koranic school where more than 100 children are indoctrinated and encouraged, for example, not to respect the minutes of silence for the victims of terrorist attacks.

As for the head of the mosque, he continues to deny all the facts with which he is accused. 

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