Facebook has promised to pay a group of French newspapers if their articles are shared on the social medium.

To this end, the company has made agreements with a large group of French media companies, the Alliance de la Presse d'Information Générale (APIG).

It is still difficult for news media to earn money from messages distributed via tech companies.

A change in European legislation should make this possible.

New rights allow newspaper publishers to charge fees from internet companies if they post links to their articles.

Facebook and APIG claim that the agreements improve the quality of the online news provision.

Participating newspapers can also participate in Facebook News, the news feed that CEO Mark Zuckerberg's company wants to set up with the help of established media.

France is leading the way with the new agreements.

In the Netherlands, for example, there are no agreements at all between news media and Facebook about paying for articles.

APIG and Facebook did not report the amounts involved.

Earlier this year, French media companies and Google already made a deal about paying for news.

In three years, Google would pay 76 million euros to be able to offer news.

Some major French media companies, including the


news agency

, did not agree with those agreements.

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