Yesterday (20th), there were 1,400 new confirmed cases in one day, and it is the first time in three and a half months that it has recorded less than 1,500 on the same day. The authorities have made it possible for those who missed the date of the second dose of the vaccine to visit a medical institution on the same day to receive the vaccine without having to change their appointment. A government draft on the phased return to normal will be released next Monday.

Reporter Jang Se-man reports.

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the 6th, at the Dongdaemun Market in Seoul, where the first confirmed case was confirmed, the infection continued for the first day, and a total of 122 people were confirmed.

As the mass infection in traditional markets continues, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will collectively introduce a security call system for visitor management to 108 traditional markets in the city starting tomorrow.

Although the number of new confirmed cases per day has been on the decline for the third week, there is also a risk of re-spreading as the season changes to winter.

[Kwon Jun-wook/Second Vice-Director of the Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters: Because there is a possibility that the antibody level is relatively low or there is a risk that the antibody level will be lowered early... .] The

Seoul Metropolitan Government is also increasing the intensity of measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus, such as accusing all participants of the general strike rally held by the KCTU yesterday.

So far, the vaccination completion rate is 67.4%, and the quarantine authorities are spurring the improvement of the final vaccination rate.

From today, even if you miss the reservation date for the second vaccination, you can receive the vaccination on the same day after contacting the hospital without a separate reservation change procedure.

As soon as the phased recovery of daily life is implemented, it will be implemented from the 1st of next month, and the specific government proposal will be unveiled at a public hearing next Monday.

At the public hearing, various opinions are expected to be collected on measures to improve the current distance, operate a vaccine pass, and wear masks indoors and outdoors.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, Video editing: Kim Seon-tak, VJ: Shin So-young)

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