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the same time, why the internal opinion of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation to include a provision to recover excess profits from private companies in the Daejang-dong project disappeared within 7 hours is also something that should be revealed in the investigation by the prosecution. Governor Lee Jae-myung said that the opinions of working-level officials were not adopted, but the prosecution is intensively investigating the process.

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person in charge of drafting a business agreement with Hwacheon Daeyu, which was selected as the Daejang-dong business operator in 2015, to set the principles of profit sharing, is a senior official from Seongnam Urban Development Corporation's development project team.

At that time, one of the officers in charge posted an approval for the review of the business agreement stating that a provision for recovering excess profits was required, but 7 hours later, an approval proposal that deleted the provision was re-uploaded.

The focus of the prosecution's investigation is who ordered the revision of the approval bill and for what reason.

In an interview with SBS, a superintendent revealed that he proposed the clause and re-uploaded the approval bill after being instructed by his direct supervisor.

However, he insisted that he did not know to what extent the proposal was reported or who ordered it to be amended because of the delegation rule.

Kim Moon-ki, the head of the Development Project 1st Department, who was the boss of a senior officer, also said that it is true that a clause on the return of excess profits was added and deleted a few hours later.

However, he said he did not remember why the redemption clause was omitted, and he speculated that it was missing because it was not in the public offering guidelines or evaluation business plan.

At the same time, he pointed out lawyer Jeong Min-yong, who was the head of the strategic business office, as the person who ordered the revision of the approval bill.

Attorney Jung joined Seongnam Urban Development Corporation with the introduction of Attorney Nam Wook, and was involved in the selection of the Daejang-dong business operator.

It is known that the prosecution called a chief officer and Director Kim to hear these statements, and also investigated lawyer Jeong.

However, since Lawyer Jung is not the final approval authority, we are also investigating whether or not the instructions of former general manager Yoo Dong-gyu, who was acting president at the time, and the circumstances surrounding them.

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