A first-year elementary school student who noticed the disappearance warning message found a missing elderly person with dementia and sent it back safely to his family.

According to the Daegu Jungbu Police Station on the 20th, a missing report was received from a house in Jung-gu on the 12th, saying that A, a woman in her 80s, left the house and did not return.

Missing person A was confirmed to be suffering from dementia.

Police searched based on family statements and CCTV around the area, but could not find Mr.

The police sent a missing person alert text message containing personal information of the missing person this afternoon.

Surprisingly, about 7 minutes after sending the alert, a call was received saying that Mr. A was found.

The person who discovered Mr. A was Park Si-woo, a first-year elementary school student living in Suseong-dong, Suseong-gu.

On his way to the supermarket with his family, Park found an old man sitting in front of his apartment.

Watching the missing alert text sent to his parents' cell phone carefully, Park thought that the appearance of the old man he found was similar to the impression that was described in the text, so he immediately informed his parents.

The police, who arrived after receiving a report from Park's family, confirmed that the found old man was Mr. A in the missing warning message.

Mr. A was able to return to his family after 12 hours of disappearance thanks to Park's excellent eyesight.

A's son said, "I was very worried about the disappearance of an elderly person in the cold weather, but thanks to the swift response of the police, I found my mother safely." . Seeing that men and women of all ages are helping, it seems that we still have a warm society.”

On the 19th, Daegu Central Police Station delivered a letter of appreciation to Park Si-woo, who greatly helped find the missing elderly person, and encouraged them.

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