The alley is narrow enough for only one car to pass.

An absurd thing happened when a driver forced himself to get out of the way towards a vehicle coming from the other side.

The driver's one-sided behavior continued for over 25 minutes, and when the police came, he even lay down on the road.

Yesterday (20th) on the YouTube channel 'Hanmuncheol TV', a video titled 'The driver blocked the alley for 25 minutes and the police came and lay down' was uploaded.

According to informant A, about 6 pm on the 1st, an absurd event occurred in a narrow alley in Gangneung, Gangwon-do.

At that time, while driving to take his ill grandfather to the hospital, Mr. A ran into Mr. B's vehicle coming from the other side of the alley.

Because the road was narrow, Mr. A backed up until there was room for Mr. B's vehicle to fall sideways.

Even though there was free space, Mr. B continued to advance toward Mr. A's vehicle and sounded his horn as if to go further back.

In response, Mr. A made more space by attaching the vehicle to the side, but Mr. B did not pass by, but rather attached it to Mr. A's vehicle.

Then, Mr. B got out of the car and lashed out at Mr. A, saying, “How old are you?” and “If you can’t drive, stay at home.”

At this, Mr. A asked if he could go sideways enough, but Mr. B, who got back on the car again, pulled the car closer and made a threatening engine sound.

In the end, Mr. A asked the police for help, and when the police arrived at the scene, Mr. B pulled out the vehicle into the free space behind him.

I wanted to see the end of the situation, but it didn't end there.

While Mr. A was talking with the police, Mr. B drove the car again and blocked Mr. A's vehicle.

The police asked B to cooperate, but B got out of the vehicle and lay down on the street.

When the police and Mr. A did not pretend to see Mr. B lying down, he immediately got up by himself and drove out of the alleyway.

It could have passed well enough, but it had been running wild for over 25 minutes.

A lawyer who watched the video emphasized, "This is not retaliation or reckless driving. It is heavier."

Then he said, "I should have taken the car out a little bit, but I can't understand why (B) behaved like that."

Netizens who saw this video raised their voices of criticism, such as "a world overflowing with people with less than common sense" and "People who do not have that kind of personality should be disqualified from driving."

On the other hand, according to Article 185 of the Criminal Act, any obstruction of traffic, such as damage to land roads, waterways or bridges, is punishable by imprisonment for not more than 10 years or a fine not exceeding 15 million won.

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(Photo and video = provided by Hanmuncheol TV)        

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