In India, a woman carrying a newborn baby while walking while talking on the phone fell into a manhole.

On the 8th, on a road in Haryana state, India, a woman was walking down the street with a baby in her left hand and a cell phone in her right hand while walking down the street, and fell into an open manhole.

In front of the manhole, there was a billboard the size of a human being, so you couldn't see it properly.

As soon as the woman's foot slipped and was sucked into the manhole, she tried to put her hand on the ground, but to no avail.

Passers-by who witnessed the accident ran into the manhole to save the woman and child, but a man entered the manhole and rescued the woman and child.

Fortunately, they were not seriously injured, and the manhole had been open for several days before the accident.

So, it is said that local residents have appealed the danger to the local government several times.

It is said that the local government finally closed the manhole cover only after the accident occurred.