People who have been vaccinated abroad and do not have a citizen service number (BSN) can still receive a corona pass from Wednesday.

They do have to make an appointment for this in Groningen or Utrecht.

The new facility will be especially useful for foreign students and foreigners working here, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport expects.

Specialized GGD employees can manually enter the data of the vaccinated in the systems.

It does take more effort to create a corona proof this way than for people who have been vaccinated in the Netherlands.

People have to make an appointment in Utrecht or Groningen, because there are specialists there who can assess whether the foreign vaccination certificates can be used in the Netherlands.

It is also assessed whether people are staying in the Netherlands for a longer period of time, for example on the basis of an employer's statement or registration at an educational institution.

If people have been vaccinated in the Netherlands or another country that works with the EU Digital Corona Certificate, vaccination data is automatically processed.

The GGD specialists were also able to manually enter information about people who were tested abroad, but who do have a citizen service number (BSN).

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