Kookmin University has decided to investigate the allegations that Kim Kun-hee, the wife of former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, was negligent in his doctoral thesis.

The Ministry of Education said that it had received an official letter from Kookmin University saying, "We will convene a research ethics committee as soon as possible and discuss the research on the papers that were decided not to be conducted on September 10th."

In the official letter sent by Kookmin University, it is stated that the research ethics committee will be convened by the 22nd to start discussing the verification of Kim's thesis and reply to the Ministry of Education with the plan to re-verify the thesis by the 3rd of next month.

Kookmin University previously announced last month that it would not investigate Kim's thesis due to the passage of the statute of limitations for verification, but it seems to have reversed its position at the request of the Ministry of Education.

Regarding the contents of this reply to Kookmin University, the Ministry of Education said, "We will check whether the procedures such as convening a meeting of the Research Ethics Committee and initiating thesis verification are properly carried out according to the schedule."

(Photo = provided by Kookmin University, Yonhap News)

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