• Security Facebook announces new control measures to protect minors

  • Facebook Services suspends its criticized version of Instagram for children under 13 years of age

If Kanye West can change his name, why not



As published today by The Verge, the company that owns the social networks




, the virtual reality platform


and the messaging app

WhatsApp is

looking for a new name.

The objective, according to the leak, is not to subtract weight from all the problems that it has recently gotten into, such as an investigation in the US, several fires caused by information published by the press and the constant pressure of the regulators of the European Union.

According to the company, it is due to the need to better represent the services it offers and to focus more on the development of the 'metaverse', thus leaving the name


only to refer to the social network itself.

Officially, the company formerly known as


says that this is all rumor and speculation.

According to the source that has leaked the possible nomenclature change, everything indicates that it will be announced next week.


and its CEO

Mark Zuckerberg appear to

have recently become obsessed with the metaverse, an expression coined by science fiction author Neal Stephenson to refer to virtual worlds controlled with an iron fist by private companies.

It is an expression that


and other

Silicon Valley


use to refer to virtual worlds that are accessed using the technology they develop themselves, be it a mobile phone, a console or a virtual reality headset.




video games

consider themselves part of the metaverse, for example.


Mark Zuckerberg

plans to participate in a conference at the company's annual event called

Facebook Connect

, which is held on October 28.

Hopefully the new name will be revealed at this event.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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