Eyewitness reports that someone left a puppy in a food waste bin and put a brick on the lid to prevent it from coming out is outraged.

Inside the trash can, a small puppy is standing on two legs and looking pathetic.

It is said to be a food waste bin in an apartment building in Naju, Jeollanam-do, and the netizen who released the photo explained the situation at the time, saying, 'When I went to the garbage collection point at dawn, the dog was abandoned like this.

The rescued puppy said that the apartment seemed familiar, but when he heard the sound of entering the password for the common front door, he ran right away and stood in front of the door.

It is said that the current security guard took the dog to the city hall to contact them.

Netizens who heard the story were outraged, saying, 'The person who abandoned the dog should be found and punished.'

Abandoning animals is also a crime subject to criminal punishment. According to the Animal Protection Act, which was amended in February, if you abandon an animal, you can be fined up to 3 million won.