An allegation has been raised that an army unit in Gangwon-do served food made with ingredients long past the expiration date.

Yesterday (19th), on the Facebook page 'I will deliver on behalf of the Army Training Center', a tip titled "Use of ingredients that have passed the 11th division's expiration date 3 months or more" was posted.

The informant claimed, "(At Unit A of the 11th Division) served curry with an expiration date of 3 months for lunch on Tuesday, October 19, 21st." On the packaging of the curry sauce in the photo released together, the expiration date was actually marked as 'until July 10, 2021'.

Then, the informant raised suspicions that "the egg that was served on October 11th seemed to be abnormal even by anyone looking at it, so I reported it, but it seemed like a problem occurred during cooking, so I just passed it on." Another photo he released showed a hard-boiled egg that had turned grayish as if it had been badly damaged.

The informant revealed, "This is not the first time I have used ingredients that have passed the expiration date."

In addition, "Unit A is indiscriminately organizing and operating the supply supervision by executives without professional knowledge even though there is a supply officer," he said. .

The 11th Division, who heard the report, apologized, saying, "We apologize for the inability to supervise food supply while we are making various efforts to improve food service for soldiers."

He continued, "The fed eggs were discovered during cooking on the evening of October 11, and the battalion commander checked it on the spot and discarded them all. ' he explained. It was reported that 5 people ate curry that had expired 3 months, but there were no abnormalities.

The 11th Division said, "We are taking this matter seriously, and we will thoroughly investigate the overall food service, including storage and management of food materials and the actual situation of on-site supply supervision at the division level." said.

In response to the controversy over military meals on several occasions, the Ministry of National Defense announced on the 14th the 'Comprehensive Measures to Improve Military Meals', which drastically increased the basic meal cost for soldiers and changed the method of procurement of ingredients to competitive bidding.

Nevertheless, when some units still showed no improvement, netizens expressed their regret, such as "I'm afraid to send my child army" and "Please pay attention to the soldiers who need to eat a lot."

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(Photo = 'I will deliver on behalf of the Army Training Center')     facebook page)

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