At a pension in Jeju Island, guests broke the limit on the number of people, drank alcohol, and rioted, such as swearing at the pension owner asking for restraint.

The pension owner has warned of legal action against these guests.

Police officers stop men from swearing in excitement.

It happened at a pension in Jeju.

It is said that when the owner of the pension asked to refrain from complaints from other guests, he began to riot like this.

It is said that eight people gathered in the four-person room and made a fuss by arranging drinks until dawn. Rather, the owner of the pension, who asked for dissolution, saying that eight people entering the four-person room violated quarantine rules, said, 'I checked the vaccination, what happened? Is it a problem?” he shouted and got angry.

The police were dispatched, but the insults, threats and insults did not stop. Eventually, after calling the reservation site and requesting a refund, the guests were sent out with the help of the police.

The owner of the pension said that he had decided to sue the guests who made a fuss for insults and obstruction of business.

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