Today (19th), Mayor Oh Se-hoon attended the state audit of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The seat was also pushed to the back by the city government, and the opposition and opposition parties continued to fight over the Daejang-dong allegation.

Correspondent Hogun Lee.

<Reporter> It

was the Democratic Party that opened the door first. From the beginning of the state audit, the Gyeonggi Provincial Superintendent asked the responsibility of the photo of the bundle of money, which caused controversy over its authenticity.

[Min Hyeong-bae / Democratic Party member: I was shocked to see the data manipulation photos. Rep. Kim Yong-pan, who defiles the Director General like this, does not deserve to be in this House.] There was a lot of clamor

between the ruling and opposition

parties, and the censorship

that started after 40 minutes was also a story of Daejang-dong.

When the People's Power lawmakers asked a question, Mayor Oh Se-hoon gave an answer.

[Lee Young/People's Strength Representative: Daejang-dong incident, how do you

view it

as the head of the same local



[Oh Se-hoon/Seoul Mayor: It is a structure that cannot be even imagined from the perspective of city officials. I have come to the conclusion that it is a case that other local governments should never learn.] The

opposition of the Democratic lawmakers followed.

[Lee Hae-sik / Democratic Party lawmaker: Our People’s Power lawmakers seem to come to Seoul after being slapped in the face from Gyeonggi-do.] The

chairperson came out and tried to return the question to the


, but

[Seo Young-kyo/Chairman of the National Assembly

Administration and

Security (Democratic Party): Anyway, today is Seoul Let me tell you one more time about the part called the State Auditor's Certificate.]

Mayor Oh raised another word, lifted the sign, and attacked candidate Lee Jae-myung.

[Sehun Oh / Mayor of Seoul: The case of Baekhyeon-dong becomes a problem again these days.

I wrote it briefly here...

.] In the

end, it was suspended after 90 minutes and then resumed in the afternoon, but the water level only increased.

[Park Chan-dae/Democratic Party Member: The Seoul Metropolitan Government is not doing well and you are interfering with the Gyeonggi-do government.]

[Oh Se-hoon/Seoul Mayor: Please refrain from profane content.]

[Park Chan-dae/Democratic Party Member: What do you refrain from?

without knowing the content.

Rep. Kim Do-eup!

Don't interfere!

Where are you?

You are only one year older than me!

Why are you saying this!] The

disappearance of policy audits for the 10 million capital city of Seoul, buried in the Daejang-dong issue, left a bitter aftertaste.

(Video coverage: Hwang In-seok, Hong Jong-soo, video editing: Choi Hye-young) 

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