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  • After Apple, Google is holding its big end-of-year “hardware” keynote.

  • The two stars will above all be its new smartphones, the Pixel 6 Pro and the Pixel 6.

  • With its new sensors and a homemade chip, the Pixel 6 Pro wants to regain the belt of the champion of the photo.


  • iPhone 13 Pro: Which rivals at Samsung, Xiaomi or Google can make you hesitate?

  • Google: The Pixel 6 will have a "magic eraser" to erase strangers from your photos

Pixel 6 Pro against iPhone 13 Pro, here is perhaps the duel of this end of the year. A month after Apple's keynote, it's Google's turn to present its new phones on Tuesday. On paper, there isn't much of a suspense anymore. Between the incessant leaks and the teasing of Google, we know almost everything about the Pixel 6 Pro and its little brother: the design, very divisive with the thick black bar that integrates the photo sensors (with wide-angle and x4 zoom on the back cover of the Pro), the Google Tensor house chip, and prices, which should start at 649 euros for the Pixel 6 and 899 euros for the 6 Pro.

Did Google keep any surprises in its boxes?

Not sure.

In all likelihood, we will have to wait before discovering its foldable screen smartphone, the Pixel Fold, just like the Pixel Watch.

Verdict from 7 p.m.

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