Click The last search term is '2,200 won ramen'.

Yesterday, in an online community, a picture of ramen recently released by a domestic company and an article saying, “It costs 2,200 won per bag” were posted.

The opinions of netizens who saw the post were sharply divided.

One netizen commented, "People who are sensitive to artificial ingredients will not want to eat ramen, but it will only encourage premium competition."

Other netizens also responded negatively, saying, "How can I eat and buy ramen if the price of ramen, the representative food of the common people, goes up?"

On the other hand, there were also positive comments saying "a product that meets the diverse needs of consumers".

"If it's expensive, don't buy it and eat it. It's not a strong sale, but there's no need to argue with the price."

Earlier, the company launched an expensive product at 2,200 won per bag, which is 30% more expensive than the existing premium product.

The company said that it is a soup ramen based on chicken broth, and the soup is also made in a concentrated liquid form rather than a regular powder.

Netizens showed various reactions, such as "I think it would be very upsetting if the price of ramen becomes like chicken delivery fee."    

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