Since his very first stay in space, Thomas Pesquet has been delighting his subscribers on social networks.

Whether it is scientific facts or funny anecdotes, the astronaut likes to share his daily life in zero gravity.

This Sunday, the new commander of the International Space Station (ISS) shared a new detail of his daily life on Twitter.

The French astronaut had fun showing how he folded his clothes without the help of gravity.

«Tuto storage!

», Announces Thomas Pesquet.

Storage tutorial!

It is quite possible to bend 👕 in weightlessness quite well - objects do not turn into springs constantly bouncing in all directions 😉


Folding clothes in space is ... difficult!

#AstronautLife #MissionAlpha

- Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) October 17, 2021

No laundry to wash on the ISS

"You can fold clothes almost correctly in zero gravity," adds the astronaut, who recently unveiled the contents of his kitchen cupboards with humor.

“Objects do not turn into springing incessantly in all directions.



Sciences & Avenir,

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, the ISS does not have a washing machine.

Such equipment in space "would be a real gas plant which we prefer to do without", explains the French astronaut Jean-François Clervoy.

The laundry is stored in a supply freighter which serves as a trash can and which is sent to the Earth's atmosphere to disintegrate there once full.

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