A driver who hit a 6-year-old girl while driving in an apartment complex and left the scene after giving only the apartment building number where she lives has been found guilty of hit and run.

Last October, in an apartment complex in Incheon, a man in his 50s, who was driving a car, hit a 6-year-old girl on a bicycle.

The victim complained of pain, but Mr. A gave only the apartment building he lived in, and then took over the child to the victim's sister, who is in the fifth grade of elementary school, and ran away.

In the end, Mr. A, who was charged with theft and theft under the Specific Crime Aggravated Punishment Act, was sentenced to a fine of 5 million won.

A claimed that 'the victim suddenly jumped out of the road and there was an accident, and there was no intention of escaping after handing over the victim to her sister'.

However, the court ruled that 'The intention of the escape is recognized considering that Mr. A left the scene without revealing his personal information accurately'.

He then explained the reason for sentencing, saying, 'The victim's injuries are not light and the defendant has a history of being punished for traffic crimes in the past', but 'considering the point of agreement with the victim'.    

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