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An accident occurred when a patient preparing for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan at a hospital got caught in an oxygen cylinder that suddenly flew into the device and died.

According to the Gimhae Police Station on the 17th, at about 8:25 pm on the 14th, patient A (60), who was lying down to have an MRI at a hospital in Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, was hit in the head by an oxygen tube that suddenly sucked in, and got caught in the cart and oxygen tube. and died.

Medical staff at the scene at the time of the accident told police that an MRI machine with strong magnetic properties was activated and a metal oxygen cylinder nearby was sucked into the machine.

The oxygen cylinder in question weighed 10 kg, height 128 cm, and circumference 76 cm.

The police say that there are traces of being pressed by the oxygen respirator vertically on the chest of the deceased person's upper body, and it is believed that the blown oxygen cylinder strongly pressured the head and chest of A.

When the MRI machine is operating, there is usually no metal object around it because a strong magnetic force flows.

The hospital explained that the patient at that time had convulsions and was in critical condition with a decreased consciousness, so the oxygen cylinder could not be removed.

Meanwhile, the police said that there was no CCTV in the MRI room where the accident occurred, so it was not possible to secure images at the time.

The police plan to investigate the exact cause of the accident and whether the medical staff was negligent through an autopsy to reveal the exact cause of death.

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