As predicted, the first ice froze in Seoul as the cold struck on Sunday, a holiday.

The first ice in Seoul was one week earlier than last year and 17 days earlier than usual.

'Ice' refers to when the water contained in the metal container in the weather observation equipment is frozen.

The lowest temperature in Seoul recorded 1.3 degrees, the lowest in 67 years since October 13, 1954 (1.2 degrees).

In other areas, the first ice was frozen and the first frosts fell.

Daegwallyeong (-5.0 degrees), Cheorwon (-2.6 degrees), Paju (-2.0 degrees), Chuncheon (-1.2 degrees), Dongducheon (-0.9 degrees), Yeongwol (-0.1), etc. It was below 0 degrees.

The cold wave advisory that went into effect nationwide was lifted at 10 am, but the cold will continue until the morning of tomorrow (18th).

(Photo = provided by the Korea Meteorological Administration, Yonhap News)