Natural and unhurried fermentation,


or organic

first-class flours,


... These are common terms in those newly minted artisan workshops that have insisted on recovering the

baker's trade and the bread of yesteryear


Today -October 16- that the planet celebrates World Bread Day, why not


by one of them and try a bread that tastes and smells like bread.

Silene da Rocha, in Amasa.


Silene da Rocha

learned from her parents,

Brazilian farmers

, that the land and its products need time. As breads -

up to

30 types

- that every day leave this workshop that runs from 2015. slow fermentation and organic flour and


in its three locations are shipped from classic white wheat loaves to special breads, such as of

spelled and kamut

(one of the oldest wheat varieties that are known and a sweet flavor reminiscent of butter), and also


. Price: from 3.90 euros.


Majadahonda (Church, 10, local Bajo E. Closed afternoons) / Las Rozas (Dublin, 25 A. Polígono Európolis. Closed afternoons and Sundays) / Boadilla del Monte (Infante Don Luis, 6. Closed on Sundays and afternoons, except from Wednesday to Saturdays, which is open from 8.30 pm to 11 pm).

Chapatas, in Brulèe.


Mario Ortiz's


(38 years old), located in the Madrid town of

Colmenar Viejo

, became famous with its roscón, chosen best of the year in 2021, but its breads are not far behind. "I'm looking for high-quality and local cereals," he explains. "I

usually go to France

because there they are very advanced in this," he says. Five people currently make up the team. "Many of our processes are with



fermentations are slow

, a minimum of 48 hours". Ciabatta (2.50 euros) and peasant (3.60 euros) are the most demanded, although wholemeal breads also have their audience. "I am

varying the offer


Every day there are three or four different loaves. "For those who ran out of roscón last year, they will be back to work next week and can now be booked.


: Alto de la Camorcha, 2 (Colmenar Viejo). Telephone: 623 03 52 53. Open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 8 a.m. to 3.30 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Freshly baked piece, one hundred and thirty °.

One hundred and thirty

The Miragoli brothers,

Guido and Alberto, are at the forefront of this meeting point for lovers of good bread and pastry.

In 2020 they received the award for Best Bread in Madrid, from the Matador Club.

They use

selected flours

of excellent quality and

ferment and bake daily


The whole wheat loaf (5.75 euros) and the flax and oatmeal (6 euros) are highly appreciated, as is their baguette (1.80 euros).

They have the workshop in Chamberí (Fernando el Católico, 17) and they also have a point of sale in the La Paz Market.

They have just

launched their specialty coffee,

where they include the origins of Sumatra and Colombia as seasonal novelties.

Closed Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Elaboration of 'El castellano', in El Horno de Babette.

Babette's Furnace

In 2013, this business was born, which is now run by

Beatriz Echevarría and Carla Medrano

and which has four stores in Madrid, including the flagship which, in addition to being a workshop, is a

training and research center


Here everything is controlled (temperature,

pH of the masses

, the sourdough ...) to develop craft pieces as hogazón, the baguette, breads gluten- and lactose or, finally,

the Castilian


fermented candeal

only with

sourdough It lasts

that they undergo a process of refreshments and that they launch to celebrate World Bread Day. Average price: 6.50 euros per kilo



Joaquín Lorenzo, 4 / Ramón de Santillán, 15 / Ayala, 79 / Serrano, 162. Closed Saturday afternoons and Sundays and Mondays.

Loaf, in Levain Tahona Artesana.

Levain Tahona Artesana


smells and flavors of gastronomy have always lost

Paco Jiménez

. His work in

radiation oncology

gave him extra time to dedicate himself to other things, from interior design to the world of bread, where he fell "never to return," says Paco.

He began to investigate and learn

, first on his own; then in a school ... Until, in 2015, he took a leave of absence and left France, where he obtained

the title of baker

. And, in 2018, the year in which he opened his workshop in Ciudad Lineal, it finally became his profession. Long fermentations, organic flours without additives,




elaborations -all-

by hand

, respect for the raw material and for the product are the main characteristics of their breads.

Here they make loaves (there are about a kilo and a half), special breads of the day,


(faithful to the

French tradition

and local queens, along with the house loaf and

El milinero

, a more rustic piece) ... Price: 1 euro for a traditional baguette and from 3.80 euros for a loaf.


Gutierre de Cetina, 49. Closed on Sundays and afternoons (except on Thursdays when it opens until 8:00 p.m.)

Loaf of white wheat, in Obrador San Francisco.

Obrador San Francisco

Antonio Ramos

, a surveyor by profession, began making bread for his family and friends and over time the hobby was revealed in vocation and work. In 2017 he opened, with

Juana Muñoz and Alberto Garanto,

this bakery that is

sweeping the Las Letras neighborhood

and that at 12 in the morning on a Friday or Saturday usually runs out of bread. Among its clients are restaurants such as


de César Martín,


, El


... Here reign white wheat loaves, whole wheat, pistols, spelled breads,


(winner of

La Miga de Oro

in 2019, ex aequo with Pan .Delirium.). The

specials that they do from Tuesday to Friday

also have a lot of pull

(Tríz, which is a mixture of wheat and corn; of chocolate; of nuts and raisins and


, with roasted garlic and habanero pepper) and that

should be reserved


Price: from 1.40 to 6.90 euros.


Carrera de San Francisco, 14. Closed Saturday afternoons, Sundays and holidays.

The Cocheteux, father and son.

Bread Delirium.

What was a family hobby became a project and, finally, in 2017, reality.

Javier Cocheteux


father and son,

opened a bakery in the Salamanca district that, in a short time, became a reference in the capital. Barely four years have passed and they already have two workrooms with offices; a cafeteria in the

Gourmet Experience

of El Corte Inglés and a large workshop with a shop and

school in Tetuán

. Every day they bake

15 types of bread

made with sourdough and organic flours,

stone-ground and without additives

: spelled, corn, seeds, 100% wholemeal rye ... and


(winner of

La Miga de Oro

2019, tied with Obrador de San Francisco).

It has just launched Club.Delirio., A

subscription service


its website-.

Price: from 5.85 euros.


Juan Bravo, 21 / Professor Waksman, 8 (both closed Saturday afternoons, Sundays and holidays) / Naranjo, 7 (closed Sundays) / Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, 65 (does not close).

Antonio García, head of Panem.


Do not look here for allusions to

The Hunger Games

, but rather to the

Latin phrase

panem et circenses

. Run by the García family,

five brothers



(Toledo), headed by Antonio, this workshop seems to have been born with a star. Only one year after its opening it won the award for Best Bread in Madrid 2019 (contest organized by the Matador Club) and is the

brand new winner

of the contest for the Best Artisan Butter Croissant in Spain 2021. "We have gone from selling

150 to 1,500 a day

, "says Antonio. From his bakery, in sight, comes a great variety of breads (

between 15 and 20

): candeal, baguette (the


from the house), sourdough loaves, rye, the award-winning field (semi-whole wheat and sourdough), beer, old wheat ... Price: from 1.40 to 6 euros.


Fernán González, 42. Closed Monday and Saturday and Sunday nights.

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