[Gollum] Immaculate Tower 303: Corona 19 vaccine, if it doesn't hurt, is it a 'water vaccine'?

Today (15th), the complete vaccination rate for the COVID-19 vaccine recorded 62.5%. 

However, some people get sick with the same type of vaccine, while others do not experience any pain at all. 

Therefore, when there are no symptoms after the vaccination, I am worried that the vaccine I received is a 'water vaccine'. 

The difference in symptoms after vaccination comes from 'individual constitution'. 

It is the same principle as there are people who do not change their face color even after drinking, while there are people whose face turns red even after drinking just one drink. 

When you receive a vaccine containing dozens of substances, each individual responds differently depending on their genetic characteristics. 

Psychological factors are also essential. 

The psychological state at the time of vaccination may also affect the reaction after vaccination. 

In other words, the individual's constitution and psychological state at the time of vaccination are more important than the presence or absence of pain in the effectiveness of the vaccine. 

If so, what constitution increases the risk of blood clots when vaccinated?

Today at the Immaculate Tower, we will talk about the 'corona 19 vaccine'. 

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Recording time: October 15th, 12:00 PM

Host: SBS Announcer Ryura Lee, Medical Correspondent Jo Dong-chan (neurosurgeon specialist)

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